SritiJha has won us over with her performance as Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya and she has successfully made her the apple of everyone’s eye!

What makes Pragya aka SritiJha so loveable

Of all the bahus on the silver screen, we think a few of them have definitely taken their characters to the next level and made audiences crave for more episodes of the show! Sriti Jha’s portrayal of the sweet and adorable Pragya is one such character that has totally left a permanent impression on us.

Sriti Jha has received tremendous love as Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya and she well deserves it too! Here are a few reasons we think she has totally captured everyone’s attention with her portrayal:

– Sriti Jha shows immense maturity as Pragya and is portrayed as a very well-mannered and obedient bahu of the household.

– She plays the perfect wife to her onscreen husband Shabbir Ahluwalia, who plays Abhi, and we are certain that she has absolutely given him no reason to ever be upset with her.

– Pragya is a very caring, warm and loving wife in Kumkum Bhagya and every guy is left wondering if they are going to be lucky enough to get a better half like Pragya!

What makes Pragya aka SritiJha so loveable 1

– Actress Sriti Jha has gone through tremendous preparation to nail the behavior and mannerisms of the character and we think she has given more than her 100%.

– In all those candid moments between the couple, we can’t help but notice how shy Pragya gets, and that blush on her face can melt even our hearts away. No wonder Abhi loves her as much as he does!

Sriti Jha has definitely set the bar high with her character and now, even as a mother in the show, she is still looking beautiful and at her fashionable best! We can’t help but love this pretty actress for having given us such an amazing character to enjoy on prime time television.

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