Meera Deosthale of Udaan fame feels that the public which regards acting as a glamorous job should also factor in the flipside.

Says Meera, “It is not easy, given hectic TV schedules. Many a times, you don’t get a break when under the weather as well. I can’t blame the production house (Guroudev Bhalla Productions) either, for they have to deliver the episodes, come hell or high water.”

So how do you wriggle out of such a situation? “I’m glad that the Udaan team does try to make things comfortable for me by fetching a doctor on set or giving me enough rest time between shots. I on my part, rather than making a scene, go on auto pilot mode, deliver my scenes and go back into my shell,” says Meera, who began her acting career with Sasural Simar Ka, and Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls.

“Another downside is that you have to always look pretty. And let’s face it; there are times when you don’t feel good. Recently, I was on my way for an event when I got the news of a sudden death in the family. So obviously, I could not flash my precious pearlies. The team asked me why I was hiding my smile. That was when it again dawned on me that the world expects us to look good and bubbly, no matter what is happening in our personal lives,” she adds.

Returning back to Udaan, she says, “As of now, the story is heading towards a love triangle scene. There will obviously be lots of drama and thrills thrown into the mix as well, to keep the excitement alive.”

Looking ahead, she would love to do an action-packed army role. “I know I will not be able to shoot the enemies down in a real-life battle. So this is the best way to fulfil my dreams.”

Coming to bolder characters, she says, “I might do them if I’m comfortable. Having said that, right now I will think twice before embarking on an edgy route.”

“I am ready for web work like Home, which dwells more on family emotions and not just nudity and abuse. I am looking for intellectual content per se,” she adds though.

Would you say TV stuff does meet your above criteria? “Well, broadcast content is huge and is slowly evolving.”

In closing, Meera downright rejects any chance of her essaying a dayan and chudail on the idiot box. ‘Agreed, it might be a bestselling genre, but sorry, it’s not my cup of tea.”

Best of luck, Meera!!