Vijay Vikram Singh the actor and voice-over artist talks about memories of Christmas and on his plans for the year. Read his thoughts here and enjoy at our segment on Christmas at

#MerryChristmas: We keep the Christmas tree at home for kids: Vijay Vikram Singh

Actor and voice-over artist Vijay Vikram Singh is known for his commanding voice as the Narrator of Bigg Boss. He is also a renowned actor having been part of OTT projects like Mirzapur 2, Breathe 2, Special OPS 1.5, The Family Man, The Good Wife etc. He is happy and excited and wants to ring in Christmas in style. He is also busy with shoots, but this does not stop him from celebrating the vibrant festival with his family.

Vijay’s family will keep the Christmas tree at home. His kids enjoy it when they have the Christmas tree place at home. He talks about it saying, “We started keeping the Christmas tree since my kids were born. We never did that in our childhood. Kids enjoy this festive ambience of Christmas in the house.”

On his memories, Vijay shares, “We had winter vacations during Christmas time and we used to enjoy the winters of Kanpur with food and games. Otherwise, we had no engagements during Christmas.”

How does he like to spend the Christmas holidays, we ask him. “I like being at home with kids and family. As for this year, I am shooting for Chhava. So I will be busy. I will spend my day after shoot, with my family for sure.”

Vijay Vikram Singh has a special message to his fans. “Enjoy the festivities and ask Santa to bring peace and prosperity to the human race.”

Wishing all a Merry Christmas!!