Vikas Bhalla had an amazingly enriching journey in Colors’ long-running show Udaan earlier. And now he is back in the evil role of Ranvijay to create more problems for Chakor and her family.

Says Vikas, “The credit goes to the writers of Udaan for writing my character so well. The writing made it possible for his return in the show.”

“It is always good to be back on a show where you have put in your efforts. The character of Ranvijay got very popular. And the comeback gets easier for me, as I need not do the homework needed to start a new character. I had my reference point in my earlier portrayal. I only had to watch my episodes to get into the groove,” adds Vikas.

Vikas is happy to be back on the Udaan set, but he misses his whole old gang on the show. “I am missing everyone on the set, especially Vijayendra Kumeria and Meera Deosthale. There was a time when I was the newest face on the show. However, I now feel old as the entire cast is new.”

Having said this, it is part and parcel of the TV industry is what Vikas Bhalla feels. “The story in Udaan has moved ahead. Change is part of the TV industry and with the new developments, lot of things have changed.”

Vikas who shares a great level of friendship with Meera Deosthale, the earlier Chakor has a special mention for her, as he misses her a lot. “I am missing Meera. We bonded really well. I am sure Toral Rasputra is a very nice person. The more we bond, we will definitely get friendly.”

On his comeback, Vikas states, “Ranvijay is back to create a huge impact. Let us see how it works. Ranvijay will surely be an entertaining villain.”

Best of luck, Vikas!!