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Young actor Mudit Nayar, the lead actor of Sony TV show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein gets candid about his show.

Mute folk are as fun-loving as us: Mudit Nayar

Mudit Nayar, of Sony show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein (Qissago Telefilms LLP), is now very comfortable essaying a mute guy.

“At first, I found it a bit tough to get the hand sign, but now I am so well adapted that even the teachers are confident that I can do it without assistance ”

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Talking about the differently-abled, like his character Yogi, he says, “They are just like us. I am so glad that for the first time we have a mute TV character who is not moping; rather, he is just like any other kid of his age, flirting around and having fun.”

“Till now, I did not know that there are several such people living happily around us. I bump into a few of them who converse with me in sign language.”

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Mudit, who has been around TV for 7 years, regards this show as one of his best. “My journey so far has been slow and steady, having done several leads. But yes, some of them were forgettable for sure.” His well-known shows have been Palampur Express, Badii Devrani and Devanshi.

Here, Mudit accepts that the ratings of Isharon Isharon Mein are a bit low. “But most Sony fiction shows hover between 0.6-0.8 TVR, except for a few. And we have been stable at 0.7. We are all working hard to lift the numbers, but these things are not in our hands.”

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When asked about his low key personality, he says, “I prefer to let my work speak for itself. But now I realize that I need to be more active on social media. But all this does not come naturally to me, rather, it becomes quite an effort.”

“Co-star Simran Pareenja is just like me, while Debattama Saha is more outgoing “

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Looking ahead, like all TV actors, Mudit too has big screen dreams, “But that is not easy. So till then, I will like to push the envelope via web, which boasts of differentiated content.”

“My biggest beef with web casting is the moment you get a call, they first ask how comfortable you are in bold. I regard this approach wrong. First impress with your story, rest can follow,” ends he.

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