Twinkle Arora the talented actress is engaging one and all with her amazing screen presence in the lead role of Nehmat in Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan. Her onscreen chemistry with Hitesh Bharadwaj and presently with Vivian Dsena is being praised and heralded.

In a candid and exclusive chat with, Twinkle narrates her journey of being Nehmat and much more.

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How has the journey of Udaariyaan been for you?

The journey of Udaariyaan has always been very very exciting. It’s a mixture of ups and downs and new experiences with new people. It’s like getting exhausted and excited at the same time. It has been a beautiful journey!!

What are the challenges you have faced at various phases as you play Nehmat?

There were a lot of challenges. Sometimes there were scenes where you had to perform it in the rain. There were scenes that we shot under the hot sun. Scenes on the road without wearing footwear, scenes wearing heavy lehengas and jewels. There were also scenes where you had to run and fight, both at the same time. So there have been various challenges to overcome as Nehmat.

Recently Nehmat refused to marry Ekam and walks off. So we had to shoot in the same bridal look and the heavy lehenga for one week continuously. These are the challenges that we face and it’s beautiful.

What according to you is the best attribute of Nehmat?

Nehmat has a lot of good attributes, but one would be her having a clean and clear heart. Love for her loved ones and pure and true intentions are the best facets of Nehmat.

What are your takeaways from the role?

Patience and sacrifice

What has your biggest learning been so far in your acting career?

Handling the scenes and situations under pressure. There is a lot of effort that goes into shooting every scene. So the never-ending urge to give good shots every day is the learning I have got.

Your chemistry with Hitesh is good in the show. What’s the secret to it?

We share a special bond as Nehkhm on screen. We both are professionals. We both are equally committed to work. I guess that’s the secret.

We felt Ekam and Nehmat will finally marry now. But it was not to be. What will you tell your fans?

I would like to say ‘Kahani abhi baaki hai mere dost’….

My biggest learning is the never-ending urge to give good shots every day: Twinkle Arora of Udaariyaan fame 805807

What are the kind of roles that excite you?

As an actor, every variation and genre excites me. But if I have to choose one, I would love to perform action sequences. I would love to play someone like the characters from Marvel. Characters with confidence, action and subtle humour.

If not an actor what would you have been?

Honestly, I would never be able to answer. I definitely would be running another business but acting is what I want to do and excel in.

Who is your best pal on the set of Udaariyaan?

I guess everybody is good and I’ve been friends with each and every one but the go-to person on set would be Sonakshi.

How do you gel with Neha and Isha?

I gel really well with Neha and Isha. Both are sweethearts. Isha is full of energy. It is fun to be around both of them.

What do you expect from this new phase in the show with the entry of Vivian Dsena?

I am genuinely very excited to see this new phase in the show and definitely would want to see where it goes. Fingers crossed!!