Amandeep Sidhu of Naagin 6 gets into a conversation with

My dream of working with Balaji Telefilms has been accomplished after four years: Amandeep Sidhu

Amandeep Sidhu the talented actress is happy to have joined the Naagin clan in the role of Anmol. For her, it is a dream come true to work with Ekta Kapoor. From her modern look to her portrayal, her fans have been loving Amandeep in Naagin 6 on Colors.

In an exclusive conversation with, Amandeep talks about her role and happiness on being part of Naagin 6.

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How does it feel to get into the cult brand of Naagin?

Getting into Naagin was a big move for me and my parents. When I came into this business, I wanted to work with Balaji Telefilms and Ekta Ma’am. So finally I have got my chance to be part of the Balaji Family. It is a dream coming true for me after four years. I am really happy and blessed.

You are back on Colors, how do you term this new experience?

This is my third show with Colors. Yes, it is like getting back to my family. I hope I make them proud again.

Tell us about the character you play and the challenges involved.

I play Pratha’s daughter Anmol. It is a very different character this time around when compared to my other shows. She is very modern, sweet, and open-minded girl. She is an influencer. Till now, I have played the bahu characters which are always there for the family. Anmol is lovable, but she is different in her perspective.

There is a common consensus that ladies chosen for the Naagin brand have the best of looks and body. What do you feel about it?

Yes, that means a lot. The actors who have been cast till now have been perfect in everything, from looks to the body to acting. I feel blessed to be part of that elite clan. I am happy that Ekta Ma’am saw the potential in me.

What are your expectations from this role and show?

Whenever I take up a new show, I have no expectations. I go with the flow. Hope that this show turns out to be a good move for my future. I want the love of fans.

How has the response been for the entry?

I have been getting a great response. A lot of reels and stories get made. It is a nice feeling to get all the love from fans. Everyone on the set is nice to me. Naagin 6 is a fun ride for me.

How much do you like the genre of fantasy and how is it being part of one?

Yes, the fantasy genre is new to me. I am learning with every new day. I am enjoying everything that has come my way.

Your message to fans.

I love you more than anything in the world right now. You have given me all the success. I am working for four years now, and Naagin 6 is the best that could have happened to me. You are all my extended family. I hope you continue to love Anmol.