Namish Taneja who plays the role of Samar in the Sony TV show, Main Maayke Chali Jaungi gets into a conversation with

My role in Main Maayke Chali Jaungi is the best I have bagged till date: Namish Taneja

Namish Taneja is happy and overwhelmed with the response he has been getting for his lead role of Samar in the Sony TV show, Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo produced by Dheeraj Sarna.

For Namish, this role is like a ‘One Man Army’ wherein he is the only prominent male characters amidst a lot of ladies in the show.

When contacted, Namish who has earlier worked in TV shows Swaragini, Ikyawann does not mince words when he claims this role to be his best so far. “For me, when compared to all my earlier work, this is the best I have got so far. This show and concept is strong and has the capacity to entertain people all the more. I personally like the show. The humour quotient in the show is very different. I am enjoying living the life of Samar. This has to be the best character in my career. There is a scope for huge growth in the character of Samar. People say that there is a big difference between the concepts available on TV and in movies. However, I personally feel that this show has a concept which is as big as a movie. Such shows provide a good platform for movies.”

Ask him about the best part of playing the character, and he avers, “It is the humour in Samar. The way the dialogues are written for Samar is excellent. I can really relate to the dialogues written for him.”

On the concepts that work on TV, he avers, “People want to get entertained with interesting content. And this is what appeals to audience. If you ask me, our show has all that in takes to entertain people. We also send out a message to viewers with our story line.”

Best of luck, Namish!!


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