Kanan Malhotra who essayed the role of Nirvaan in Colors’ Tantra talks about his planned exit and his stint. Read here.

After doing mytho roles, it was great to test myself in a show like Tantra: Kanan Malhotra

Talented actor Kanan Malhotra who essayed the role of Nirvaan in Siddharth Kumar Teway’s show on Colors, Tantra bid farewell recently with his character being killed.

Though it was a short stint for Kanan, the experience according to him has been blissful and nice.

Says Kanan, “This show was a welcome change for me. I had been doing mytho shows for the last three years. And now to get back to the present day show was indeed a good feeling. I wanted to test myself in this kind of genre. And it worked for sure as fans loved my role and performance.”

Kanan says that his character’s death was always pre-planned and was to happen between the engagement and wedding. Ask him what he will miss the most and he states, “I will miss being on the set and being with my co-actors. It was nice to work with Juhiji and Manish Bhaiya. The best part of the show was that it had a great set of actors. Also, this is my fourth show with Swastik and I am thankful to them. People have earlier liked me as Yudhishtir in Suryaputra Karn, as Lord Vishnu in Mahakali and as King Harishchandra in Karamphal Data Shani. And I am glad that people liked me in this today’s role too. It was a very good experience.”

Ask him about his plans now and he states, “I am in talks for few things. Let us see what comes up first.”

Lastly, to his fans, he states, “I have never got so many comments on Instagram for any other role before. People loved me and loved my character. They liked the way I enacted my death sequence in the show. Please keep loving me and I will keep entertaining you always (smiles).”

Best of luck, Kanan!!


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