Shiva Gupta who plays Varuni in Namah gets into a conversation. Read here.

Mythological genre teaches you a lot: Shiva Gupta of Namah

Young actress Shiva Gupta has bagged her first daily with Star Plus’ Namah produced by Shoonya Square.

Shiva who has earlier done episodics like Savdhan India is happy being part of this mythological genre.

Says Shiva who hails from UP, “I have earlier tested waters with the mythological genre in an episodic role in Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav. And getting into the genre again with Namah seems exciting to me. I play Laxmi’s friend Varuni in the show. Varuni is married to Varun Dev.”

The youngster has always had the passion for acting. And it did not take much time for her to decide her line of work. And soon she found herself in the City of Dreams, Mumbai trying to work her way as an actor.

“I am starting to enjoy the mythological genre. Yes, it is time consuming especially if you have to deck up a lot. However, the genre teaches you a lot, as it is a tough ask. I will also love to do a social drama. I am on the lookout for lead roles and I will try my best to get that,” she adds.

Namah the Star Plus show has undergone lot of changes at the conceptual level. “Yes, the show has changed a lot in terms of concept. We hope the story will appeal to the audience from here on.”

Best of luck, Shiva!!

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