Senior actress Narayani Shastri is an amazing performer, and her work profile speaks volumes about the versatility and prowess that she commands as an actor. Narayani who is married to Steven Graver, talks at length about every woman’s desire to become a mother, and how she thinks differently. She reasons out her priority in life and much more.

Says Narayani, “Getting married early or rather at a certain age and having kids at a particular age is a worldwide mentality. Given the modern times, people have changed their thought process, but it still is innately in them. For me personally at 16, I wanted to be a mother of 5 to 6 kids and be a homemaker.”

However, with time, this ideology in Narayani changed. “But I grew into my own where I understood the world a little better and my thought process changed. I realised that being a mother is a huge responsibility and I don’t want to just add to the population. I want a child to be a responsible good citizen and when I met my husband, we both did have a fleeting thought of bearing a child. But I realised I am not someone who can work and be there for my little one and I would not want him/her to be someone else’s responsibility.”

Reason out with her that one can be a working mother too, and she has her own explanations. “I am aware that there are plenty of working mothers out there, managing both beautifully but to each their own. For me, I would not be able to manage it. So given a choice between work and embracing motherhood I chose the former and I don’t regret it one bit.”