I am new to this field, and I am still discovering my style of acting – Ritvik Arora

Ritvik Arora, Ahaan of Colors’ Tu Aashiqui talks about how he is learning the nuances of acting!!

I am new to this field, and I am still discovering my style of acting – Ritvik Arora

Ritvik Arora, the handsome and good-looking guy is experiencing the journey of playing a character on TV for the first time!! As Ahaan Jahangir, the lead in Colors’ Tu Aashiqui, he has started off well, but feels that he has a long way to go as he is still in the process of understanding the character.

Says Ritvik, “This is my first experience of facing the camera. My understanding of the character is still under development. At times, I am right in understanding, and at times the director corrects me. On few occasions, I have put in my input for the character. So to learn being an actor is a long-way process.”

Ritvik has received a mixed response so far from people around. “There have been people who have told me that they have liked my style of acting. But few responses have come wherein they have compared me with my co-actors like Rahil Sir (Azam) and Jannat. Rahil Sir has been part of some huge projects and huge roles. And for Jannat, she has been working ever since she was a child. So they are very confident about their approach and their style of acting. So when I am compared to these actors, I fall short and it is natural. I am new to the field, and I am still discovering my style of acting. So yes, when I get compared to these actors, people think that my emotions are not upto the mark. I personally feel that I am not there yet, and things will change with time.”

Ritvik is very much inclined to music in real life, just like he is as Ahaan in the show. He is a guitarist and dancer and claims that music plays a very important part in his life. “Yes, music comes naturally to me. Hence I look the best in the scenes where I am singing in the show. People have complimented me that I look natural and very confident when I hold the mike and sing on the show. I have grown up with music. Basically, what you do gets within you. I hope acting gets into me and I get to be known as a good actor too.”

The talented youngster is a recognized dancer from Shiamak Davar’s Dance Institute. He has also gained huge exposure in Misba Western Dance Crew in Delhi. “Whatever I am today, and whatever confidence I have today is because of my exposure in this society.”

Acting has always been the base on which Ritvik has laid foundation. “My father wanted me to become an actor. So whatever I did whether in terms of singing or with my guitar were all ways to connect and express, as learning curve to become an actor,” avers the actor.

Ritvik has otherwise been lucky in his struggle to become an actor. “Acting happened suddenly and very quickly to me. This role in Tu Aashiqui was the first audition I gave in my life. And in few days, I got a call from the production that they needed to touchbase with me for a mock shoot. I feel really blessed to be working with this team in Tu Aashiqui. The director and the creative team have been very supportive towards me and I am getting to learn a lot. They have been motivating me to better myself.”

About his expectations from the show, the actor states, “Well, people have seen Ahaan going crazy about Pankti (Jannat). Now viewers will get to see the more intense side of Ahaan. Also, there will be lot more of the romantic element in display. Yes, I will continue to learn and achieve good things in the acting line.”

Wish you luck, Ritvik!!

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