I am no one to comment on why Paras decided to get married despite getting close to Mahira - Shefali Zariwala

Shefali Zariwala speaks to IWMBuzz post Bigg Boss 13 exit 

I am no one to comment on why Paras decided to get married on TV despite getting close to Mahira – Shefali Zariwala

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Zariwala, who is normally very vocal about her views, played safe when asked about Dada Saheb film award allegations on fellow Bigg Boss contestant Mahira Sharma.  They had claimed that Mahira had falsely claimed to get a certificate from them for her Bigg Boss fashion style.

“I have not spoken to Mahira about the same, so don’t have much info,” said Shefali.

She was equally cagey when asked about Paras Chhabra, who, after getting so close to Mahira in the Bigg Boss house,  has decided to get married on TV.

“They are all adults, and I  am no one to comment on their career moves, and neither did I take any such step, so please ask them. Having said that I  did not find any romantic connection between them; rather, they had a great friendship. Paras and I did not hit it off well as he said mean things to me. But later, when he and mother apologized, I  decided to bury the hatchet.  Now we have wonderful devar bhabhi equation .”

Here Shefali felt that Siddharth Shukla deserved to win. “Many don’t like him, for he is intimidating. He has all the qualities of a winner, i.e. he is strong, resilient, and very opinionated. I don’t think it would right to single out him for aggression for others (Asim Riaz, Paras, me and the other girls ) were equally loud-mouthed. The house does this to you, and that is the game.   It is not easy to survive all the poking.   Many times the fights that you saw were a reaction to stuff said and done, which was not telecast .”

She added, “Shehnaaz, has a unique personality, who knows how to entertain,  no wonder she reached so far.”

For the moment, Shefali is enjoying coming out of the house. “It is wonderful being back with family and friends. Work-wise, I am open to even more acting offers after my last two web shows. Agreed Bigg Boss is a huge platform, but a lot depends on your future choices.  Some winners  have not rocked it, while others who did not get the trophy still went on to do good work.”

We wish her luck and success.

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