Aanchal Khurana is the lucky girl who won the heart and trust of Paras Chhabra in the Colors’ dating reality show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.

Aanchal who came into the show as a wildcard entrant has always had a passion for reality shows.

Aanchal who has participated in Roadies says, “I get a kick when participating in a reality show. Secondly, my family was already looking for a guy for me in Delhi. And I did not want to get into an arranged marriage. So I thought that if I get the connect of marriage with Paras through this show, I can go forward with it.”

“Unfortunately I was in the show only for 10 days. But fortunately, I have won the show. But yes, I have got a very good friend out of Paras,” she states.

Ask her what she likes the most about Paras and Aanchal explains, “He is a man of his words and he takes stands. He has the guts to stand by and support a person. Even when I was fighting all alone for a reason and he knew I was right, he fought with all for me. He won my heart then and there.”

For the question whether she knew Paras earlier, she states, “No, I did not know him earlier. I know his name and that he has won Splitsvilla. He used to come to the same gym I go to. But I had never seen him or spoken to him. I also did not know that he had come to audition for Roadies when I participated. I got to know of it only through him.”

So what actually appealed to Paras about Aanchal? “Well, I was loyal and I conducted myself in a normal way, and was what I am in real life. I did not put up any drama in order to impress Paras. I was very friendly to him, and I was genuine.”

So are you both getting married? “No, we are not getting married. It has just been 10 days since we have met. The connection we made has been very pure and is very real. In 10 days, we have become great friends. Nobody can get married or fall in love after knowing a person only for 10 days. Due to the scare of Coronavirus, we had to come out of the shoot and the show had to shut down.”

“I am in Delhi now at my parents’ place. Paras is in Mumbai with his mother. So we do not know what will happen in future. Even now, I was talking to Paras over the phone, and he was worried about my health. We are very good friends.”

Did you see and follow this season of Bigg Boss? “I saw the entire season of Bigg Boss. It was my favourite season. My favourite contestant from the house as such kept changing with time. I liked Rashami, Shefali, Sidharth, Paras, Mahira etc, and my choice kept changing with situations they got into. If you ask me now, who had to win Bigg Boss, I cannot answer this. The show was very entertaining, and I kept glued to it for the same reason.”

Finally, what does it mean to you after winning the show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge? “Winning the show was really big for me. After being the winner of Roadies, if I had come out of the house in just 10 days without winning it, I would have become really heartbroken. I am very happy and satisfied that I won Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. This is my second reality show title that I have got home with.”

Ask Aanchal about her next project and she promises us by saying, “You will see me very soon, after the outbreak of Coronavirus eases out. Till then, I am with my mom and dad at Delhi inside my house being safe.”

Finally, ask her if we can expect wedding bells to ring soon for her and Paras and she answers, “No wedding bells for us soon. As of now, we are safe in each other’s houses due to the Coronavirus. After this problem settles down, I will go back to Mumbai and meet him. We will further see what happens.”

“As of now, my family is very happy that I won the show. They are proud of me. Whenever I go out for a reality show, they know that I don’t seduce guys, and I do not fall for cheap tactics. They also feel that I play it out very nicely and be myself and win it and come back.”

Aanchal, wish you all the very best for the next phase in life with Paras!!