Candid chat with Nitin Goswami

I am not ready for nude scene on web: Nitin Goswami  

Nitin Goswami, who is playing the lead role in &TV show, Siddhivinayak, is quite happy to show his body on screen.

“Having worked so hard in the gym for so many years, it is but obvious that I would want to flaunt my abs. The best thing in my case is that I don’t have a body-builder type physique; rather, I have a lean, good-looking frame, with the right cuts. Most guys either get over beefed up or fail to take off.”

“I am blessed to have got a show that allows me to show my physicality. Vinayak, being a superstar, keeps dropping his shirt, as per character. If you remember, my intro scenes saw me in the swimming pool as well.”

“The icing on the cake is that my fans also want to see more of me. I often get mail or messages, asking for more upper torso scenes. Over the past one year, they have liked my shirtless and romantic scenes more. But, personally, I dig more action stuff sans shirt”.

“Had I got Bhojpuri or some other regional TV, I would not have been  able to show my chiselled bare chest, for I would have always been wearing a kurta or a full-sleeved shirt. So I’m thankful to &TV and producer Prashant Bhatt, for giving me this opportunity.”

Would you want to do bolder stuff? “Well, TV does not allow that for the moment, but if in the future I get movies or web series, I would have no issue kissing or making out on screen. As an actor, we should do what is needed.”

“Having said that, while bold scenes are OK, nudity is not, given my family background and comfort level. Also, one needs to understand if the boldness is required by the script or just added for extra eyeballs.”

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