Reena Aggarwal, one of the female leads in Star Bharat’s show Kya Haal, Mister Panchal gets into a conversation with

I do not want to be classified as a ‘Bahu’ on TV – Reena Aggarwal

Actress Reena Aggarwal who claims to have never been a girl wanting to get into the television circuit is today blessed to be in the limelight!!

She plays the ‘wife’ with lot of love, in Star Bharat’s top-rated show Kya Haal, Mister Panchal (Optimystix).

Says Reena, “Honestly, I got into the line of acting pretty late. Before getting into acting, I was a model, having shot for many ads and fashion shows. It was only in the year 2012 and 2013 that the creative team of Balika Vadhu roped me in for a cameo role opposite Siddharth Shukla. I played the role of Ashima, who was an NRI. I was never a television girl. I used to do TV shows on and off, but never expected to get such a big break as an actor with Kya Haal, Mister Panchal.”

Life has changed very much for Reena, after bagging this lead role. “This is my first attempt at comedy. Working on my comic timing has always been a passion in me. I have been full of expressions in my growing up days. My family always thought that I will be an actor, but I had never dreamt of it. Being an actor was in my destiny. I am privileged to be part of a different show like this. There is a lot of scope to perform here. The shoot sessions are so engaging, spontaneous and playful too. There is nothing fixed in terms of the dialogues and we as actors come up with lot of variations,” she quips.

Playing the romantic wife Prema is very much challenging for the actor. “Even when I am considered to be the romantic wife, I have to bring in the comic element even while being in love. This is very tough. The show started on a very good note, with good numbers. We have only grown with the huge start we got. But yes, no success comes without hard work. It gets tiring at times, while shooting. People might think that it is a cake walk with so many characters being around. However, we have so many combination sequences in the show that an actor needs to do quite a lot everyday. And if an actor is unavailable for a certain reason, the pressure automatically falls on the other actors. We shoot in a very play like manner; hence do not get time to even rest. We need to be perfect in our timing, speed and even our patience gets tested.”

Reena has a special praise for Maninder Singh, her co-actor and on-screen husband. “He’s a brilliant actor, and his sense of humour is superb. He keeps all of us entertained whenever he is on the sets. In fact, all the girls in the show look forward to shooting with him. He has such positive vibes that we are all motivated with his presence. Maninder is very good at his work and this reflects in the popularity he has.”

Also, talking about the chemistry she shares with the other wives of Kanhaiya, Reena avers, “We at times think that we would have crumbled under pressure, if we were not strongly connected to each other off the screen too!! All of the girls have a very good tuning. And for us, our close equation off the screen is as good as it is on the screen. We are always together; enjoy making videos during our free time. We eat together and also chat together. In simple words, I will say that we are all satisfied with our characters, and this actually gives rise to a healthy rapport between us.”

Reena will never be a part of the saas-bahu sagas on TV. “I do not want to be classified as a ‘bahu’ on TV. I want to be known as an actor who loves challenges. If I am uncomfortable in anything that I am doing, I do not enjoy it. So I will want to enjoy my work and derive satisfaction out of it.”

The talented actress will love to be part of a romantic show. She will also enjoy being part of a woman-centric show.

Regarding her personal life, Reena tells us, “My married life is going good. My husband Neeraj Mishra has started a company of his own six months back. They are into establishing it gradually. The company ‘Fitzup’ is a company that focuses on various products related to fitness.”

Ask her if she is a fitness freak in real life, and Reena is quick to say, “I am not one, but my husband is a fitness freak. I am a person who will never get fat. There has never been a situation wherein I have felt the need of getting into shape. However, I do exercise and do yoga. I also indulge in dance, and that keeps me in good shape in any way.”

When quizzed about extending her family, the girl tells us, “We are not ready for it yet. Having a child is a huge responsibility and we will go for it, only when we are mentally prepared to be parents. As of now, we are busy with our careers.”

Reena, enjoy your beautiful journey with Kya Haal, Mister Panchal!!

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