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OMG: Actress Divya Agarwal gets period-shamed on social media, has a savage response to shut down trolls

Actress and reality TV star Divya Agarwal is one of the most popular names of the TV industry at the moment. She’s currently living with her boyfriend Varun Sood and the duo often share pictures of each other thereby giving their fans an idea as to how their lives are at this moment.

However, something weird happened when Divya Agarwal was shockingly period-shamed by a social user. Divya certainly didn’t take it the right away.

Recently, she shared a video of Varun with the caption: “When I am in periods Varun doesn’t know what to do.”

To this, a user wrote,

Bl**dy sh*t uh r…ab period bhi announce karogi kya…din me kitna ped lagati ho wo bhi bata do fir…have some manners yaar…aise private cheez kyu disclose krre ho…”

Reacting to this, Divya’s savage response said,

“Din me 10-12 pads ho jaate hai… ask me as no one taught you right. #manners.”

Well, savage ain’t it? For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com


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