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Aamir Dalvi who entered Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya recently gets into a conversation.

One needs to keep looking good to sustain in this industry: Aamir Dalvi

Aamir Dalvi is enjoying his new stint in Star Bharat show, Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya produced by Ravi Garani.

Says Aamir, “It is an interesting character of a truck driver. The best is that most of the show is shot outside, and my character is quite bold and forthcoming. Recently, we did a scene where he saves school children after their bus falls over a cliff; so all in all, it’s a very adventurous ride. Normally, given the TV structure, this kind of action does not come often. It is not easy to shoot such stuff on a day-to-day basis on TV, for we don’t have film like budgets.”

Aamir is also quite happy with the channel. “They have been my lucky charm. I did my longest running show, Shapath, with them (Life OK). If they keep going this way, they might become the numero uno channel.”

Just prior to Kaal Bhairav, Aamir, who has been around for 19 years, was part of the Zee TV show, Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahin, for a short period. “The suave bad guy character was just beginning to heat up, but the show shut down. Had we got another six months, Rajveer would have really come into his own.”

Aamir first came onto the scene with the Doordarshan show Nyaay, back in 1999. “It is not easy to sustain. The most important thing out here is to keep looking good. Acting is secondary. In simple words, one needs to keep looking good to sustain in this industry. Having said that, I feel my journey has been good. Although people might not remember my name or show name, they do say we had liked your outing in a few shows.”

Here he adds, “Recognition by name happens only if you are part of big production shows like Balaji’s.”

Talking about generation next, he says, “They are a very professional bunch of actors, hailing from respected educated families. Hence, if you are good with them, they are respectful; but if you needle them, taking them to be freshers, they give back as well.”

In closing, Aamir talks about digital, “While this transitory medium between films and TV has huge potential, given its creative freedom, it somehow seems to be lost, what with sex and abuse ruling the roost, which I obviously don’t find interesting. Some good shorts are being made though, so all is not lost.”

Continue your good work, Aamir!!

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