Actor Tarun Khanna talks about his journey and new show Devi

One needs to be mentally tough to survive in this industry: Tarun Khanna

The handsome and talented actor Tarun Khanna is known for his versatile acting in TV shows like Porus, RadhaKrishn, Karmaphal Daata Shani, Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap, Chandragupta Maurya.

The actor will yet again be a part of mytho genre with show Devi-Aadi Parashakti. He will be seen playing the role of Lord Shiva.

In an exclusive chat with, the actor speaks about his new journey and more.

What made you say yes to Devi?

The main reason for me to say a yes to Devi- Aadi Parashakti which airs on Dangal TV was the fact that yet again I got an opportunity to essay the role of Lord Shiva. Earlier I did portray the character of Lord Shiva numerous times in stories that were focused on other mythological characters. However, in Devi, I finally got a chance to be the lead opposite the central character of Devi which is essayed by my co-star Rati Pandey.

You will be part of a mytho show again, so what attracts you to do mytho and historical genre?

The genre of mythology and historical shows gives me the chance to experience Satyug once again, even though it is for those few moments when I am in my character and costume.

How will you describe your journey in the industry so far?

I still feel like a beginner. Each shot is a test of my capability. I would say the real innings is yet to begin.

Which was the turning point in your life?

15 years ago, I decided to shift to Mumbai to become an actor and fulfill my dream, which has indeed been a positive turning point in my life.

What has the industry taught you over the years?

It’s a tough place to survive. One needs to be mentally tough to survive here. This industry has been my teacher and it has taught me one important thing that come what may, one should always work and improvise on his/her skill and art and thereby people will never be able to ignore you.

Who has been an inspiration for you in life?

My parents have been the biggest influence and inspiration for me. My dad taught me strict discipline and hard work, while my mom taught me compassion and patience.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

I am fortunate to have a partner who understands the pressure one faces in the industry since she is also a part of it. The contribution and understanding shown by her have helped us maintain a balanced relationship.

How has your relationship evolved with your wife?

As you grow together you learn to adjust more. I think more than anything else that’s the key to surviving together happily.

How are you spending your quarantine phase?

I am trying to keep myself in good shape by working out regularly. As an actor, I am utilizing my time to hone my skills by doing various exercises that I have learned over the years. In addition to this, I am catching up on a few web series to pass my time.

Any message for fans…

While it’s a difficult phase, I would urge everyone to stay indoors, use face masks when stepping out for necessary work and practice social distancing until the situation is controlled.

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