Ankush Bhardwaj, one of the finalists of Indian Idol 10 gets into an exclusive conversation with

Only one of us will take the trophy of Indian Idol, but we are all winners: Ankush Bhardwaj

Ankush Bhardwaj the talented finalist of Sony TV’s Indian Idol 10 has had a great run up to the Finale of the popular singing reality show.

Hailing from the small town of Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Ankush suffers from an eye disorder Keratoconus which will require a corrective surgery.

However, this deteriorating eye condition has never put him down and he has always given his best as a singer on the platform of Indian Idol. got to talk to Ankush just before the Finale of Indian Idol and he had this to say, “Indian Idol has given me everything that I have today. It has given me name, a good future and a good lifestyle. I used to sing a lot earlier, but there was no recognition whatsoever. My father has been a very good folk singer in Himachal Pradesh, but never got what he deserved. But now, Indian Idol has not only groomed me to be a playback singer but has also fulfilled my father’s dreams.”

Ask Ankush about his present eye condition and the alternative plans he will want to adapt in case his eye problem deteriorates and he states, “I have suffered a lot because of my eyes. I am not only a singer but also love to program and design my songs on the computer. Yes, my surgery for the eye is scheduled post Indian Idol and I look forward to good results. However, if my vision is hampered even after surgery, I will have to look for an alternative step to be called a complete musician. I believe that a singer will be complete if he has programming skills in him. And I hope I take forward this passion of mine.”

Ask Ankush about his best moments during his Indian Idol journey and he is quick to recall some amazing moments. “I remember the day when Aishwarya Rai Mam came to our set and told me that she is in fact inspired to donate her eyes, after seeing my problem. Also, Salman Khan Sir hugged me and told me that he is there for me if I need any help regarding my eye treatment.”

Ankush who has been one of the favourite contestants of the judges has high regards for them and recollects their inspirational words saying, “There was a time when I was ill during the episodes and Neha Kakkar Mam inspired me to give my best. Also I like the way Vishal Sir boosts my confidence. He is like a big brother to me.”

Ankush is very broad-minded when it comes to visualizing himself as the probable winner of the show. “Honestly speaking, the calibre of talent on Indian Idol this time has been huge. Not only the top 14, but all of them who have been part of the show have been exceptionally talented. And after coming this far, all of the five finalists know that only one will win the ultimate trophy. However, this does not deter us from giving our best. We know that we have walked a long mile in our individual careers, and have got the best outcome possible. We know that one would win, but all of us will be winners. We are sure to get good work in future and that is what we have worked for.”

If at all you would win Indian Idol 10, how would you take it, we ask him. “Well, if I really win, that will be a huge moment for me and my parents. It will be a big moment for our small village in Himachal. Above all, my father’s dream will be fulfilled.”

Best of luck, Ankush!!


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