If you are part of the core team of a show, you will always be there – Sai Deodhar

Sai Deodhar who has been having a splendid journey as Kasturi in Colors’ Udann is happy and contented.

If you are part of the core team of a show, you will always be there – Sai Deodhar

Sai Deodhar, the ace actress has been essaying the role of Kasturi, mother to Chakor to elan in Colors’ popular show Udann (Guroudev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada).

In its fourth year of its run, Sai has had an eventful journey with the show and describing it, she says, “Udann is going really well. It is a good and successful show. So I am pretty happy.  The show is consistently Number 1 on the channel in fiction and people are appreciating it.”

The track in the show had moved out of Azaad gunj for a brief time. But now the story is back in the village. “Bacche ghoom phir ke wapis ghar aagaye. Yes, the track was off the village for a while. But it is back now. I have a very interesting track ahead of a mother caught between two of her children, one who has completely gone off track and has stooped very low and evil, and the other daughter who is very righteous and has never harmed anyone. Also, I have been given a new look and the excitement to play the role for a longer time is all the more.”

The actress feels that it is important for actors to be patient and well-prepared, for anything can happen in TV. “There are times when tracks can move out of the normal path. One should be prepared for it. However, tracks do come back provided the show survives and sustains competition. I believe that if you are part of the core team of a show, you will always be there. Honestly, in Udann, absence of my track has not mattered to me. It has never been a worry. The Producers have been extremely honest and transparent in their approach. Whenever a track did not need me for a long time, they have clearly communicated it to me before hand.”

Sai has free time up her sleeves even after being commited to Udann. “The best part is that I have few free days and I can pick up new work.This gives me a good feeling.”

Sai is believed to be part of a Marathi movie and will start shoot soon. However, she does not want to talk about it.

The talented actress will really welcome a digital outing if she gets it. “Honestly, the industry underestimated the digital platform and its growth. The general opinion was that not many TV viewing audience will fathom the idea of watching a program on the laptop or mobile. Actually many have been in for a shock seeing that the digital medium has been slowly creeping in and catching on. Yes, it is a good start, but it will take few many years for the medium to become big. But must say, the medium is on the right track towards growth.”

Adding on, she says, “I will like to do any role that is challenging and out of my comfort zone.”

Sai, we wish you and the show all the luck!!

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