There is no doubt that Mohit Malik and Parth Samathaan are one of the most versatile actors on television today. You give them any role and they will play it so well!

Parth Samthaan vs Mohit Malik : Who wins the hotness meter?

Mohit Malik is currently playing the role of Sikander in Star Plus’ Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala and he has smitten one and all with his performance. His acting speaks for himself and the personality he holds is awe-inspiring.

Parth is currently playing Anuraag Basu in Kasautii Zindagii Kay and he is totally acing the cute innocent and at the same time an angry fierce look all with ease. Parth is among the best actors in Indian television.

But It also goes without saying that actors need to present the best of themselves on screen, and only being an excellent actor is not enough they have to be fit, handsome and hot as well, and for that, they not only need a healthy lifestyle but also need to stay fit.

However, for most actors, this becomes difficult given their erratic work regimes. Their working schedules are very difficult and hectic, then they also have events and all to attend, which makes attending to their fitness difficult. But there are a few who not only choose to maintain a healthy diet but also work out even after their hectic shoot schedules. Mohit and Parth are one of the very few actors who not only act exceptionally but also maintain themselves very well.

Both the actors are extremely hot and have not only girls swooning on them but they also have guys who are jealous of them, wanting to become like them. Both Parth and Mohit love to flaunt their hotness on Instagram. As they say, if you have it flaunt it, they have it and why shouldn’t they flaunt it…

We are totally crushing on both these guys and according to us both are increasing the temperatures quite a bit, who according to you is the hottest….

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