The show Patiala Babes from Sony Entertainment Television has been doing a fantastic job of bringing out the beautiful bond between a mother and daughter and now Babita is all set to unfold her new chapter in life. She has divorced her husband and is out in the real world to start her new job and financially support her family.

The show is going through a track wherein Babita visits a restaurant for the restroom and the manager stops her saying that she hasn’t bought anything from the restaurant and can’t use it. Mita, played by Hunar Gandhi, then comes and backs her up by telling the manager that it is legally not allowed to stop anyone from using the washroom at public places.

While shooting for this particular scene is when, Paridhi Sharma, who plays the role of Babita got to know about this rule. She shared, “As an actress, people haven’t ever stopped me from going to the washroom, but I can only imagine that many women might me facing with such problems. Although there are public toilets available to pay and use, there aren’t just enough present currently and the existing ones aren’t that clean enough. It’s very insesitive to stop someone from basic sanitation needs. I’m so glad that I’m part of this show, Patiala Babes, where it’s not just letting me grow career wise, but it has also increased my knowledge on many issues. One such example is of knowing that women could fight their own case in the court. Such kind of information is so useful and it’s an irony that I came to know about the washroom rule when Women’s Day is nearing and it’s great that through this show even others could get aware about it.”

It is a fact that the women in our country lack access to safe and clean sanitation and also the ratio of toilets available and the large population is not very good. Under such circumstances it should be necessary that people are aware that they shouldn’t be paying inorder to use a washroom anywhere at any point.