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Shoaib Ibrahim, the new lead in Zee TV’s Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More gets into an exclusive conversation with

People who know me in real life will understand how much I relate to this character in Jeet Gayi: Shoaib Ibrahim

Actor Shoaib Ibrahim who has gotten on board the Zee TV show, Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More (Jay Productions) as the new lead is happy to be playing a character as filmy as he is in real life!!

Says Shoaib, “The character of Varun attracted me to take it up. He is someone that I have never played before. He is so close to me in real life, as I am very filmy and comic too. Also I have played roles that are intense, played a passionate lover, and even a straight-forward character. But I have never gone comic onscreen. People who know me in real life, will understand how much I relate to this character. I love to send text messages and get musical, especially the songs of the 90’s. Varun my character, wants to become an actor. He copies Shahrukh Khan, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan etc. I never mimic celebrities, but I am very fun-loving, light-hearted and even naughty in real life.”

On the preparations involved to play Varun, Shoaib says, “I did not have to work much to get into the skin of the character. Yes, I had to work a bit to get the body language right. He’s a struggler, and wants to become an actor. So I had to work on the nuances as to how he will behave and talk. I am getting good reviews for my role and entry. People are happy to see me in this character.”

Shoaib owes a lot to the never-ending support and love that his fans have showered on him. “It feels good to be loved by fans. From the time I did my first show Palkon Ki Chaoon Mein, my fans have loved me. Shows have changed, channels have changed, roles have changed but what has not changed over the years is their love. I am grateful to have gotten this level of comfort and thank God for it. Yes, one needs to be greedy to get this love and it feels good (smiles).”

Shoaib has always made it a point to look for challenging roles and has never stepped into an already established show. However, with Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More, his thought process changed. Ask him about it and he is quick to say, “Yes, I agree that I have not taken an already running show till now. However, when I choose something, I don’t accept it till the time I am not convinced with the character and story. But when I take it, I know I will give my 100 percent to it come what may. When I heard the character of Varun, I never thought about anything. I wanted to take up this role for my own happiness, as I had not done anything like this. Also, I knew that my fans will be happy if I take this up. I wanted to make them happy. Beyond a certain point, I don’t think much. I give my best and leave it to God.”

“Working with the production is very good. They make sure to encourage and appreciate their actors. The ambience on the set is very good. Co-actors are good and I am enjoying it,” states the actor.

Shoaib and Dipika got married recently, and this made us ask Shoaib whether he did not think about having an extended private time with his wife. “We don’t think like this. We both are very serious about work. When work comes knocking at ourdoor, we don’t deny it and we are very clear about it. After all, work is worship. We can’t refuse work just because we have got married recently.”

On life post marriage, Shoaib tells us, “Nothing much has changed in life post wedding. We were in a relationship for four years. We stayed in the same building. Our parents used to mingle a lot, eat together ete. However, post wedding, the way we look at each other and towards our responsibilities have changed. Love has increased, and so has the respect towards each other.”

Ask the loving husband about Dipika’s comeback to TV and he answers with a smile, “She is in talks. But if you ask me, she will choose her projects after a lot of thought has gone behind it. She wants to give time for family and work. She is a very responsible wife. She loves to do all the things for me (smiles). She is the typical biwi. She packs my lunch box, gives me a water bottle. She gets sleep only when she does all this everyday.”

On the growth of TV, Shoaib avers, “TV has grown leaps and bounds. It is a huge platform in today’s time. It is a means to showcase your talent to every TV viewing home. I hope and pray that the growth of TV goes on and on.”

Wish you all the best, Shoaib!!

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