Candid chat with Maninee Mishra

I am the pivot of Super Sisters – Maninee Mishra 

Talented and beautiful actor, Maninee Mishra, has surprised everyone with her rustic, crass, Haryanvi avatar, in new SAB TV show, Super Sisters. “The lead sisters, essayed by Vaishali Takkar and Muskan Bamne, live in my house and the negative lead is my on-screen daughter, who I want to get a best groom, like any mother would,” she says.

“Hailing from a sophisticated, urban and modelling background, class is synonymous with me. Yet I am playing this nouveau rich lady, whose mannerisms are something that I can’t even think of doing. I will be more decorous even in sleep. She is completely outlandish as well, which gels with the character graph.”

“The totality and language of the character is something that I have not done before. I have always been very lucky to get very diverse roles, such as those in Diya Aur Baati Hum, Naamkarann, etc.”

“It was not easy getting the body language and diction right, but I always had a ear for language, which is holding me in good stead. Although I did my homework for the audition, speaking in that lingo, I requested the services of a language coach whom I share with the entire unit, thereby proving the authenticity of this regional dialect.”

“It was not easy, for the Haryanvi grammar is very different from Hindi. They also open their mouth much bigger while using expressions like hain, etc. The task of remembering the dialogues, complete with the required diction and body language, was draining. Yet, being a true actor, I was determined to make it look like I was conversing in my mother tongue.”

Talking more about this dramedy, she says, “The makers (Optimystix Entertainment Pvt Ltd) have very well, woven the need to send a social message to kids/society through magic power that the lead girls possesses. For the first time, such elements have been incorporated in this genre on desi TV. I am the pivot of the show, taking 80% of burden so far,” she adds.

Asked as to what went wrong with her last show, Laado 2 – Veerpur Ki Mardani (Colors), she says, “While I will not resort to blame games, the truth is that there was a lot of underground discontent due to sudden change in story by the time our new family entered into the mix, which we unaware of. The loyal audience too could not digest the sudden, knee-jerk change. All in all, I enjoyed my bit, but was aware that it would not last long.”

Best of luck for this stint, Maninee..

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