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In conversation with Sheen Dass.

Piya Albela has enhanced me as an individual and as an actor: Sheen Dass

Sheen Dass, who has won all hearts as Pooja, the protagonist of Zee TV’s Piya Albela (Rajshri Productions), says that her journey has been amazing so far.

She adds, “The journey has been great as I have grown as an actor. It has been really beautiful. As a person and as an actor, I have evolved this year. Life of an actor is interesting because you get to play so many emotions in characters that you haven’t seen in your life. When I look back now, I can say it’s been a wonderful journey. ”

Sheen further shares, “Piya Albela means family to me. We work 12 hours together and with the entire team we have bonded really well. I have earned some good appreciation, worked with some amazingly talented artists and in turn they have enhanced me as an individual and as an actor. I had a lot of people around with the help of whom I grew. Also the senior actors were always there to guide.”

When asked after a year what connects  audience to the series, she says, “We make the show with all our love and that love makes audience glued to the TV show. We are happy that the viewers have appreciated our hard work and supported us throughout the journey.”

While sharing her most special moment in the show, she avers, “The first day when I had to make myself believe that I am doing a Rajshri show and I am their lead heroine that was the most special moment.”

On an end note, she quips, “Akshay is a very professional guy and serious about his work which I love the most. He is a good human being and inspiring too. Our bond is amazing,  hence our scenes come out really well.”

Well said!

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