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I have played the evil character as naturally as possible: Karam Rajpal on his role in Naamkarann

Karam Rajpal, who is playing an evil ‘mamma’s boy’ in Naamkarann, says, “Loving your mother is not bad. The problem only happens when the love becomes selfish, hurting others, like it happens with my character, Vidyut, for whom Mamma (Manini Mishra) is always right, damn the world. He has been brought up that way.”

Here, he credits the entire team, including the writers and the creative, for the success he is basking in. “It is always a team effort,” he says.

Unlike most actors, Karam prefers to go with the written matter. “I don’t really add much. Rather, it is important for an actor to immerse himself in the character, in order to do justice to the script.But yes, I try to play the evil as naturally as possible, for Indian TV’s over-the-top, dramatic stuff turns me off. This, I believe, will hold me in good stead down the road.”

Karam, who has done a spate of positive shows before, does not fear that playing a negative role will typecast him. “I appear completely different in each avatar. It all boils down to your comfort level, and I am cool with both the genres.”

Karam refuses to evaluate his career as an artist so far. “I don’t want to spoil my future. Rather than pontificating on the past, I prefer to go with the flow. I have learnt a lot from each of my outings, be it Parichay, Nadaan Parindey or Mere Angne Mein.”

When asked why he is not seen much on the party circuit, he says, “After a hard day’s work, I’d rather spend quality time with my folks and would-be in-laws.”

Here, he admits that his fiancé, Shivaleeka Oberoi (assistant director in Sajid Nadiadwala Films), was a bit cagey at first, about him donning a negative shade,“Worrying that it might spill over into my personal life. But she soon came around, understanding that this is my job and nothing more. Since then, she has loved my character and its growth.”

In closing, Karam says that he is open to doing web series. “They allow the creativity within to run a muck. Normally, TV characters are very limited; hope we can broaden our horizons. I would love to try something as crazy as what the Joker does in Batman.”

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