Playing negative is always more fun: Priyanka Purohit  

Candid chat with Priyanka Purohit  

Playing negative is always more fun: Priyanka Purohit  

Priyanka Purohit is looking forward to her negative avatar in  Zee TV show, Aapke Aa Jana Se. “Interestingly Bhumi who is Saahil’s (Karan Jotwani) first wife who began as a positive character, but  soon hatred engulfed her for the way her ex hubby and his beloved Vedika (Suhasi Dhami) treated her. She is back for revenge from today, so do check out the show.”

“Playing negative is always more fun, for you end up playing with various shades. Also the negative women always get the more glamour outfits complete with the smoky make-up and hair. The positive bahu on the other hand has to make do with the girl next door look. Although Bhumi was always shown to be modern, she has turned sexy now.”

Added Priyanka who had also done a negative character in Krishnadasi who would literally murder people. “Some time the scenes are so overdramatic that we actually end up laughing after the cut.”  Here Priyanka who has done seven shows admits that, “Creatively it is never easy to switch playing bad.  Also out here unlike films, we don’t get enough prep time as we get our lines in the morning of shoot. It also appears a bit cruel, for till yesterday Bhumi was good but today she needs to be a vamp doing   all those bad things.”

“I will admit that in this process we do mistake, as it takes a day or to internalize the new graph. But luckily we have a great director who not only encourages us but also lets us know where we lack.”

In closing Priyanka takes the twists and turns in the plot in stride. “While we are staying true to the concept of older women- younger man,   we even got them married. But let’s face it; a certain amount of drama is needed to keep the audiences hooked.”

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