Porus has to be watched for its visuals and performancs – Mohit Abrol

Mohit Abrol talks about his role in Porus and also about the grandeur of the show.

Porus has to be watched for its visuals and performances – Mohit Abrol

Actor Mohit Abrol, who is seen as Hasti in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s (Swastik Productions) Porus on Sony TV, says that this role is very special to him.

Says Mohit, “The speciality about my role in Porus as Hasti is that it has a lot of layers and is a multi-faceted character. Working with Swastik has always been a pleasure. It’s homecoming for me as I have done Razia Sultan before. Siddharth sir is an inspiration and I believe in his vision. That’s what prompted me to take this role.”

He adds, “I really admire both Sidharath and Rahul sir. They make you comfortable as an actor and take care of everything, as we are not shooting in Mumbai. They are more like family.”

On his preparation, Mohit explains, “I had to become muscular and lean for the role. I had to get trained in martial arts, swimming, horse riding, sword fighting. As far as the mental aspect is concerned, I had to completely change my thought process and body language as it’s a period drama. It takes me around one and a half hours to get ready in my complete look.”

Much has been said about the grandeour of the sets of Porus and Mohit agrees. “Working on such a grand set gives a lot of freedom to perform as you have more space. When you are on the set, it feels like you have gone in that era which makes my job much easier as a performer. I have been bonding really well with all the actors. It’s a really good team. I bond best with Hrishikesh Pandey,” he says.

Meanwhile, Mohit, who has been part of films as well as TV shows, says that he has always tried to choose diverse projects. “I started with a short film ‘Going Home’ which was directed by Vikas Behl starring Alia Bhat. After that, I did a lot of shows on TV starting with Balika Vadhu, MTV Fanah, Razia Sultan, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, to name a few. The industry has been really kind to me; I have always gotten to play a lot of different characters. So far my journey has been amazing,” he says.

The actor urges his fans to follow the show. “There are lot of reasons to watch but the top two would be the visuals and performances. It’s going to take television to a different level, kudos to Siddharth sir!” he says.

Wish you luck, Mohit!!

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