Prakriti Nautiyal would love to have a supernatural angle in Divya Drishti

Candid chat with Prakriti Nautiyal

Prakriti Nautiyal would love to have a supernatural angle in Divya Drishti

Although Prakriti Nautiyal, first noticed as Tara of Naamkarann, is not being seen much in STAR Plus fantasy show Divya Drishti so far, she is confident that over time her sister character of the main male lead, Rakshit (Adhvik Mahajan), will come into her own.

“As of now, since the story is still being established, the emphasis is obviously more on the Pisachini (Sangita Ghosh) and the supernaturally gifted sisters, essayed by Sana Sayyad and Nyara Banerjee. Rakhsit’s upcoming marriage will surely see more involvement of the entire family.”

Talking about her character, she says, “For the moment, Rashi is very sweet and loves her bro and mom. However, she is under the influence of her hoity toity rude cousins, Twinkle and Simran, and wants to emulate them.”

So is there a chance that your character might turn negative and join the Pisachini gang? “Although my sweet face is not vamp-friendly, it would be interesting were it to happen, for I love supernatural. I always wanted to try out this very popular genre and was lucky to get this Fireworks production, which is sure to go places. STAR Plus is also back with a bang.”

She is very impressed by Sangita’s colourful and spicy sorceress character. The icing on the cake is that they have made it very modern in terms of accent, costumes and accessories. If such occult powers existed today, I imagine they too would have evolved over the centuries, right?”

Prakriti began her acting career in Gujarat as a 16 year old, before moving to Mumbai, where she first did episodic roles in Savdhaan India, Fear Files and Laal Ishq. Then finally Tara happened during the last four five months of Namkaran. TV is the best teaching ground, for there are so many options available.”

Looking ahead, Prakriti, who has also done a few character roles in films and an upcoming web episodic, ALTBalaji’s Bobby Ki Dulhania, would now want to do main lead roles in cinemas and online. “That is where I want to be.”

Being a practical girl, understanding the requirement of the new-age digital medium, she would not mind going nude, “If the character so demands.”

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