I was promised more than what Anjana is doing in Bepannah – Parineeta Borthakur

In conversation with Parineeta Borthakur

I was promised more than what Anjana is doing in Bepannah – Parineeta Borthakur

Talented veteran actor, Parineeta Borthakur, who plays the on-screen mother of Harshad Chopda, in Colors show, Bepannah, is not very happy with the way her character has been framing up, in this Cinevistaas Limited presentation.

“I was obviously promised more but then I am not the cribbing type of person who will go to the writer and creative, asking for more screen space. I have much more to do in life. Family and my other acting assignments (Assamese films) are there as well. But yes, I will definitely be choosier about my future roles.”

Ask about the 360-degrees turn in her character that goes from a loving neglected mother to someone who resents Zoya’s (Jennifer Winget) presence in her son’s life, she says, “It is justifiable, for she perceives that the former is not good for her son, only giving him pain.”

“Playing negative on TV is more fun, for our badness really is over-played. I don’t think anyone in life is so bad; at least not me. Here, I wish to add that my work is getting appreciated, for recently, I got some I hate you Instagram messages, which means I am doing my job right.”

Point out that Bepannah, after a good start, has petered out on the ratings front, and she says, “Well, they had gone up from 1.2 (where they were stuck for a long time) to 1.6, before again slipping a tad. Although, as a team, we do feel bad, but as an actor, I don’t bother much about numbers, preferring to be concerned only about my performance, which alone is in my control. Why take the extra headache of the writers and others.”

In closing, Parineeta says besides films and TV she is game for web series. “I don’t mind doing bold roles as is the norm, but yes, my character should not end up objectifying the fair sex.”


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