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Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kishwer Merchant is impressed with the way Arti Singh performed the task in Bigg Boss 13

I am very proud of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh: Kishwer Merchant   

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh has been receiving a lot of praise for the recent ‘Elite Club’ task that she performed! She not only very bravely chopped off her locks, but even mustered the courage to eat 21 green chillies in a go, proving to be a better and stronger contender than the others!

Though Arti never ended up winning the ‘Elite Club’ membership, she still got a lot of support, love and appreciation from not only contestants inside the house, but from fans, well-wishers and friends outside the house as well!

One such friend and well-wisher, as well as a popular Ex-Bigg Boss contestant who was mighty impressed with the way Arti performed the task, is actress Kishwer Merchant! Having been in the Bigg Boss house herself a couple of years ago, Kishwer felt that what Arti did for the task was definitely not an easy to thing to do! Speaking about how she felt while watching Arti chop off her hair and eat those chillies, Kishwer shares, “I think that Arti did really really well for herself in this task. Considering this is one of the final padaav’s of the show, Arti truly showed everyone how serious she is about performing tasks! And itne chillies khaana is definitely no joke! So I am actually very proud of Arti! And honestly, the new haircut is a blessing in disguise and looks lovely on her.”

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