Rahul Raj Singh, deceased TV star Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend, has had it being lambasted and blamed by one and all for her unfortunate suicide last year.

“I have suffered a lot emotionally and financially.  Work dried up,  I first went into kind of a depression and when I finally came out, I had to face a volley of legal cases. Sadly, Pratushya’s parents were brain washed by Vikas  Gupta and Kamya Punjabi  gang. It is quite sad that despite not being declared guilty by the courts so far and also released on bail, I have been already convicted by public opinion. I have been tagged as the baddest boy in the industry,” says Raj in a candid chat with IndianWikiMedia.

Here, Rahul says that Vikas and Kamya claimed to be really moved by Pratyusha’s death and yet within days they were seen partying.  He also questioned the status of Kamya Punjabi and Vikas Gupta in terms of their professional acumen.

“However things are now on the mend and I have gained financial stability. After acting in TV (lead in Mata Ki Chowki.), I moved on for I wanted to rise in life.  Next I want to do films.”

He further adds, “I have decided to write a book about the last six days of her (Pratyusha’s) life which will be able to throw some light on what prompted her to take this extreme step. To buttress my claims I will give proof to corroborate what I write.  We partied the entire night before, so one needs to understand the whole situation before coming to any conclusion   Has anybody bothered to think what hell she went  through? Remember, I was the one who rushed her to a hospital but left seeing the tamasha which was happening there.  I went to Ville Parle station and sat there for two hours, I was completely blurred in my mind.”

Rahul also dismisses claims that he had extorted money from her. “How can I steal money from some who was deep in debts?  I will share my bank statements which will show I have deposited money in her accounts.”

A visibly angry Rahul has also decided to go the legal route and he has filed a criminal defamation case against Kamya and Vikas and a third person for mental torture. He has filed a separate damages case against Kamya Punjabi for releasing a short film featuring him without his consent.

Talking about his various link ups with other girls, he says, “Hope it was true, but so what even if big actors are similarly randomly linked.  I am not like Rakhi Sawant to do stuff just to stay in the limelight.   Where do I have the time? I am busy organizing events.”

Asked about his relationship status he says,” I am happily single.”