Abhishek Tewari is happy to get negative.

I have reinvented myself with the negative role in Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More – Abhishek Tewari

Actor Abhishek Tewari who has recently entered the Zee TV show, Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More (Jay Productions) is happy and glad that he has got this opportunity of playing a character that is extremely unpredictable.

Abhishek who plays the role of Alek Mahajan in the show comes across as a lustful and playful character, who can turn into anything when it comes to his behaviour.

Says Abhishek, “I have always wanted to play such roles which pave the way for an actor to outgrow the previous roles he has done. In Jeet Gayi, my character has nearly three kinds of shades, one is that he is playful, the other where he can get as aggressive and as evil as possible and can also appear normal when needed. I have always been inspired by characters of Hollywood and will want to build my career playing such unique characters.”

“A good reference to my character is actually Ranveer Singh of the movie Padmavat. Such transforming roles on TV are seen rarely and I am lucky to have got this one,” he adds.

Ask him whether he is not apprehensive of losing his good boy image in the industry and he is quick to say, “See, I have played the positive roles with elan. I have tested the waters of comedy and have proven my mettle. Generally, people go by what a person looks like. I want to destroy this opinion as an actor. An actor can never go by this and should have the capability to mould into any role given. The best examples for this being actors Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh. Whenever they are on screen, you are assured that they will be playing a unique character. I want to walk this path, and trust me, it is paying me off as I am getting the roles that I have wanted. With this role in Jeet Gayi, I have reinvented myself with the negative role.”

Wish you luck, Abhishek!!

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