Candid chat with Juhi Paramar

If a relationship does not allow you to grow in life, it is better to take a clinical call: Juhi Parmar

It is painful when TV marriages don’t sustain. Something similar had happened with Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff.

IndianWikiMedia was the first one to break the news of the unfortunate breakdown in their 8 year-old marriage. The once-very-much-in-love couple had gone in for a divorce.

As it is said, time heals most wounds. Today, we had a quick chat on the same with Juhi, who has just wrapped up her latest Colors show, Karmphal Data Shani.

“For the moment, my five year old daughter Samiara is the most important person in my life, and giving her a perfect upbringing is my number one priority. I love her unconditionally and so does she,” states Juhi.

Since you guys were together for so many years, it must have hurt? “Of course! And it is not only about long-running equations. Breakdowns in short-term commitments also hurt. Especially if it involves the institution of matrimony, which for me was always for keeps. I did not call it off on a whim”, says Juhi, who has done several hit shows, such as Choodiyan, Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai, Pati Patni Aur Woh, Bigg Boss, etc.

So what went wrong? “Having never talked about it, all I will say is that if a relationship is not making you to grow in life and is also affecting your child when she sees such an unhappy relationship between her parents, it is better to take a clinical call, sans emotions.”

“I have the full support of my parents and friends, who have seen everything, the good and the bad. I opted out, wanting to be happy. Why carry forward the negatives? I have come to terms with it, with no baggage whatsoever,” she states.

Ask her if she is fine about taking the plunge again, she quips, “I am quite at peace with myself, and when you are in such a state of mind, you automatically attract a lot of other positive stuff. If love, as one of its spinoffs, is destined, it will happen.”

How is your daughter taking all this? “She is too young to understand. And when the time comes, I will tell her in a positive manner, so that her little heart gets enough cushion.”

Juhi, may you continue to be bold, brave and beautiful!!

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