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Rishi Khurana who played the role of Rituraj in Nimki Mukhiya is still not sure of being part of the new season Nimki Vidhayak.

Rishi Khurana’s money woes for Nimki Vidhayak

Veteran and talented actor Rishi Khurana is not sure if he will be a part of Star Bharat’s Nimki Vidhayak. He was earlier the main negative lead, Rituraj, in it prequel Nimki Mukhiya.

Says Rishi Khurana, “We have not reached an agreement yet, due to budgetary issues. One of the main reasons why I did the black character in Nimki Mukhiya for less money was the graph.”

“I always like to play layered, complex characters or laugh a minute shows, as opposed to playing positive, which does not challenge the actor within.

Also, I liked the writing and production design of Producer Zama Habib.”

“But then you can’t keep on compromising on moolah. Hence, let’s see how things pan out.”

For the moment, Rishi, who was first noticed in Saas Bina Sasural, has returned to his first love, that is stage. “I have been doing theater since school.”

He will next be seen in a play on India’s first actress, Devika Rani, by the same name, starring Ira Dubey and Joy Sengupta in lead roles where he will play two characters.

Besides Devika Rani, he is also doing Kaal Chakra, which performs at Prithvi.

“This story about youngsters abandoning their parents is very heart-touching. Many old uncles have come to me crying post the play, saying, hope we could have had sons like you.”

“Although I love stage, the instant reaction is the best high for an actor. I can’t do more, it does not pay much. At my level, I make a decent per day on TV, and also my 25/26 days get used up.”

“One of the main reasons for doing Devika Rani was that I have not yet started on Nimki Vidhayak for the above reason. They have said there might be a break.”

We hope you get back to Nimki Vidhayak, Rishi Khurana!!


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