In conversation with Shashank Vyas 

Roop is not a superman: Shashank Vyas 

TV star, Shashank Vyas, is quite happy with the growth of his title role character in Colors show, Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop.

“So far, I have enjoyed whatever I have done, having got great scenes. There is also good public feedback with no negative comments regarding my acting. This is needed, for I am very particular about my performance and my biggest critic; so, acceptance pushes me to work even harder.”

When asked about certain public perceptions that question why Roop deserts his family and moves in with his in-laws, he says, “Agreed, a modern man should stand up for his woman, but does that mean you leave your family? How Indian is that?”

“Well, I am just an actor and these things are better answered by the creative and channel. The story had gone off track for a while, hence post-marriage, Roop becomes a house husband, taking care of his in-laws.”

“As for his family, you need to understand that he is no superman to fight all battles at once. He does what he feels is right at the moment. Also, you know TV is structured in such a way that all tracks can’t be handled at the same time. TRP alone decides which characters get more prominence. Having said that, I am sure, down the road, Roop will stand up for his dad and his family as well. They will not go anywhere, as they are his blood.”

“Agreed, some fans are miffed, but then their anger is more directed toward the writing and creative team. I am just an actor who is required to do justice to the given lines.”

Here Shashank says, “If the creative asks for suggestions, I will request them to show Roop’s personal story as well, i.e. what he wants from life, his likes and dislikes, etc. Here he is only shown fighting for women, but what about his own dreams and aspirations?”

Interestingly, Shashank does not have great off-screen rapport with co-star, Donal Bisht. “We are not phone friends; neither do we go out together after work. We are good colleagues who give the required on-screen sparks. To be honest, I don’t have much time after my gym and work. And I’d rather spend my off day resting, than partying.”

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