Aashif Sheikh who plays Vibhuti Narayan addresses the newest development of Saumya Tandon’s possible decision to quit the show.

Saumya Tandon’s quitting will certainly give Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hain a jolt: Aashif Sheikh

Popular &TV show, Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hain seems to be having regular female troubles. Firstly Shilpa Shinde had quit in a huff, forcing the creative team to bring in Shubhangi Atre, who luckily has managed to carve a separate niche for herself as dumb but cute, Angoori Bhabhi.

Now comes the news that Saumya Tandon, aka Anita Bhabhi, plans to quit as well. She either wants to do something else or take a family break.

In a bid to find out whether the absence of an important character would affect the show, we spoke to Aashif Sheikh, who plays Anita’s husband, Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, in the show.

Says Aashif, “We really don’t know what the deal is, for she has not spoken to us about leaving. Whatever discussions have taken place are strictly between the Producer and her. We are all waiting for her to tell us.”

“It is not known whether she has quit for good or will return after a break. Her health has been an issue for a while now,” he adds.

“But yes, if she does quit, it will give the show a jolt for sure. Something similar had happened when Shilpa walked out, forcing us to start from scratch. These are unavoidable circumstances, which we have to face up to, for the show must go on. No one is bigger than the project. But I am sure we will bounce back as before.”

But the show’s ratings were quite high when Shilpa was there? “Yes, but we had managed to make up lost ground. You also need to appreciate that, over time, numbers do dip”.

Returning back to Saumya, he says, “I am sure she must have her reasons, for no one wants to quit a well-running show.”

Here, Aashif adds, “Personally, I have always been loyal to all my projects. Even when I signed up for Salman Khan’s film, Bharat, I clearly told them that I will not do anything to harm a show that has given me great success after so many years.”

In closing, he also partly attributed Saumya’s absence for the recent sex chat track, which did go a bit below the belt. “When doing it, I too had felt that that we had crossed the line. We tried our best to avoid the pitfalls, but sometimes, mistakes do happen. We will endeavor to not repeat them.”

Only time will tell about the future of Saumya in the show!! We wish the show all the luck, as always!!

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