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Kishwer Merchantt Rai talks about her play

Seflie gives me a chance to showcase different emotions: Kishwer Merchantt Rai

TV hottie, Kishwer Merchantt Rai, is excited about the second season of her all-woman play, Selfie, which begins in Delhi tomorrow.

“The story (journey of 5 women) and characters are the same, though our costumes might change. I really love Selfie, for it gives me a chance to showcase different emotions. I am laughing and crying in a matter of minutes.”

“Also, as with any other stage offering, the instant audience reaction is very important. The applause gives you the additional energy and push to even further raise your bar. I always make it a point to do one play between my various TV shows, as it is very important to do something to break the normal small-screen monotony.” Kishwer has been around for over 2 decades, starting with Shaktimaan, back in 1996.

“Here, I must give full credit to Selfie director, Tanaaz Irani, for despite being an actor herself in the play, she has given us other actors better lines. Also, as we have an all-woman cast, it is like having a party; there is not only great chemistry on stage, but we also have girl-gang masti off stage. We can go shopping without needing to patoa anyone.”

Looking ahead, Kishwer is busy with digital for the moment. “After Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, I might start shooting for a travelogue by month end. I really enjoyed the former Voot show; it felt really nice getting audience traction.Having said that, if I get something juicy on TV and the dates match with my above assignment, I will be game.”

Point out her recent exit from SAB TV show, Partners, and she says, “They removed two girls and brought in Neha Pendse in our place, hoping to the lift the ratings, but on the contrary,they dropped. So I guess the loss is theirs and not mine; Karma always comes back to bite.” Interestingly, the other girl who wasdropped from Partners along with Kishwer was her Selfie co-star, Shweta Gulati.

The other actors in Selfie include Priya Malik and Dimple Shah.

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