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Shabir Ahluwalia looks like he just stopped ageing and it may have a lot to do with his fitness regime.

Shabir Ahluwalia’s Amazing Fitness Transformation

Shabir Ahluwalia, who rose to fame and received prominence with the hit television serial ‘Kahiin Toh Hoga’, has also been a part of various other daily soaps and movies, and performed his best in each and every one of them. Currently, he is loved for his role as Abhishek Verma in ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ and we must say it is not just his acting skills that have his fans idolizing him.

Shabir Ahluwalia’s Amazing Fitness Transformation

It seems like this hero is ageing in reverse, owing to his fitness transformation and we think his fitness transformation is definitely worth looking into. If you are looking for a fitness idol, whose routine you can also follow to look just as hip and happening, then Shabir Ahluwalia is it.
Let’s have a look!
Television actor Shabir Ahluwalia does back flips, which requires high jumping and they tend to improve the strength of your legs and enhance its flexibility.

The next thing he loves doing is handstands. Handstands can make your arms and shoulders stronger and they help improve the health of your bones and strengthen your core muscles.

Shabir Ahluwalia’s Amazing Fitness Transformation 1

In an interview, the actor said that besides hitting the gym, he has also resorted to playing football, cricket, badminton and squash with his friends for losing weight. It took our hero two months of strict training and diet to shed off the extra 13kilos for a new role. But looking at his transformation we think every bit of it was worth the effort and the result is absolutely stellar.

Shabir Ahluwalia has been making headlines with his perfectly toned body and is definitely giving us major health and fitness goals. We sure hope to see more of him on the silver screen and with his brooding looks and chiseled body, who wouldn’t!

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