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Shilpa Shinde apparently quoted a high price for her participation…

Shilpa Shinde OUT of Bigg Boss race

There has been buzz that Shilpa Shinde aka earlier Angoori   bhabhi of Bhabhji Ghar Par Hai has been approached by   Colors/ Endemol to be part of the upcoming season of Bigg Boss.   Now we hear that her participation might seem a distant reality for Shilpa apparently quoted a higher amount to the producer and channel, which was not agreeable to the concerned decision makers.

Armed with this info, we spoke to Shilpa, who has also been in the news regarding her support to FWICE strike. She states, “They had indirectly approached me this year as well, but things did not work out.  However, it has nothing to do with money, as I could not do the show due to various other reasons which I don’t want to go into.”


Here, Shilpa, who is facing non cooperation from CINTAA due to her walking out of the above &TV show last year, justifies her support to the striking workers. “You need to understand the issue, it is of worker’s rights. Our industry anyways does not follow the normal 8 hours shift, rather we work 12 hours to meet deadlines .The workers don’t mind going beyond the current deadline, but please give them decent overtime. Is that a wrong demand?”

“The sad part is that CINTAA is not supporting this agitation which it should for even actors are slogging away without getting due.”

“I am not saying all producers are bad, certain big players like Balaji are offering its work force, good packages.  It is just that few are not ready to do the right thing. Some of them making many 4/5 shows at one time, we don’t grudge their success, all we ask is our due?

Point taken, Shilpa.

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