Talented actor Arjun Singh Shekhawat is enjoying his latest Colors show, Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story, which recently went on air. The show is produced by Sukesh Motwani and Mautik Tolia’s banner Bodhi Tree.

“My brother’s character of lead girl Pinky is of a grey shade. In the sense that being the only son, he has been given way too much importance by his family. No wonder he walks and talks with a lot of Kanpuri swagger. Though the family is now in Delhi, they originally hail from Uttar Pradesh.”

“Sarthak will also have an issue with the guy who will eventually come into the life of his below-average height sister,” he states.

When asked whether short girls do face problems in matchmaking, he says, “Sadly yes, given our social conditioning, it does happen. Though, many go on to find an ideal match who is not necessarily diminutive like them.”

Arjun is enjoying working with Riya Shukla, who essays Pinky. “She is a lovely gal, and I am getting to have brotherly feelings towards her.”

Before Naati, Arjun was a part of Tara from Satara and Nimki Vidhayak as well, both of which are slated to end.

“I really enjoyed my character in the recent Sony show. At first, we began with a good TRP. But then once we shifted to the early hour slot to fill the vacant KBC spaces, things started to go south. Granted, our ratings had dipped even at 10.30 pm, but we would have recovered. The super prime time slot of 9.30 pm, on the other hand, is a harder nut to crack.”

“As for Nimki Vidhayak where I had a cameo role, I guess political content generally does not work on TV. And then you are required to come out of your family drama route as well.”

“Having said that, I love to work with writer-producer, Zama Habibji.”

Arjun first came on the scene with Nagarjun- Ek Yoddha. “I also had fun working in & TV show Half Marriage. There too, I had a Kanpuriya character. But he was a sweet friend of the lead, unlike the loud and boisterous Sarthak in Naati Pinky.”

Best of luck, Arjun!!