Donal Bisht who has recently joined Colors’ Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop as the lead post the leap gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.

I shoulder a ‘big’ responsibility by being part of Roop as I portray the woman of today: Donal Bisht

Beautiful and talented Donal Bisht has warmed up to the occasion really well and has very easily switched off from her earlier thriller genre show (Ek Deewaana Tha) and gelled well into her new lead character in the socially progressive show, Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop on Colors.

Says Donal, “Being part of a show like Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop means that a big responsibility has been given to me. First of all, Rashmi Sharma Mam and Colors have picked up a subject which is very important in today’s times. As they say, ‘Jo dikhega, woh bikhega’. Hence TV as a medium needs to show programs that really changes the thought process of society. It is an important initiative considering that the society needs to rise to the occasion and accept the fact that women have a huge position to hold and lots to prove in the society. People tend to idolize what they see on TV. So Roop is a show that will show the path when it comes to valuing women.”

Talking more about her character Ishita, Donal states, “Ishita is a very strong girl, who can stand up for the rights of women. She is a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of a girl; at the same time, she is sensitive, family-oriented and emotional. As I said, I am glad that I have been chosen to play this part. Through my role, I want to do whatever I can to change the thoughts of society. As Ishita, I will have to demand the respect that every girl will want to have.”

Ask Donal about her real-life scenario and how her parents look at her achievements, and she states, “My parents are really happy with whatever I have gained till now. However, being a girl, coming to Mumbai and opting to choose a life as an actor was not an easy task for me. It took me nearly three years to convince my parents. So I can say that I have gone through my share of restrictions. However, I will say that all depends on how the girl reacts to the scenario. The girls should be capable and strong enough to create a trust factor with their parents, that will keep them confident about whatever they do in life. I am glad that I was able to provide this confidence to my parents.”

Donal who was loved by one and all as Sharanya in Ek Deewaana Tha, is happy that her fans have accepted her well in the new role. “They love me as Ishita. The best part is that they love the way my character has been etched. So I can say that I am on path to working my way into their hearts again.”

Last but not the least, Donal has a special mention for her co-star and lead Shashank Vyas. “Shashank is a seasoned actor. He is a very so-operative person and a good actor. We have gelled really well in quick time. It is great to be working with him.”

Donal, we wish you luck for this role of yours!!

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