Saurabh Raaj Jain talks about the success story of Mahakali.

Shows like Mahakali is important as they spread the message of woman empowerment – Saurabh Raaj Jain

Saurabh Raaj Jain is an artist in the true sense. This 33-year- old, good-looking dude has tried several genres, i.e. youth (Remix), drama (Uttaran, Parichay), crime (Savdhaan India), before finally striking gold with mytho (Star Plus’ Mahabharat). He is currently playing Lord Shiva in Mahakali— Anth Hi Aarambh Hai.

“The show is doing well. I would like my fans to give their honest feedback regarding my efforts, which will enable me to do even better,” says Saurabh.

Saurabh adds, “Shows like Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai are very important, for they help spread the message of women empowerment among the youth, which is the need of the hour.”

When asked about the challenges of the mytho, he says, “Apart from the physical elements, for an actor, the job is not much different, as compared to other genres. Having said this, I try to do justice to all my characters.”

Is there less scope of improvisation in mytho, as opposed to dailies? “No, if you have command over the language like I do, it can happen.”

But many young actors find the ornamental Hindi an issue? “It is a bit tough, since the vocabulary used is not of everyday usage, but having had a strong Hindi background, I manage easily.”

Did the industry perception towards you change, post Mahabharat, as out here, nothing sells like success? “I have been very lucky to have worked with great people, right from my debut (Goldie and Shrishti Behl). So there was no major change in attitude towards me, before or after the above Swastik Productions show (they are producing Mahakali as well) happened.”

Besides TV, he has also dabbled in radio for a year. “I have also done the voiceover for the other Colors mytho, Shani.”

He was part of a recent Telugu movie as well. “As an actor, you should be open to all kinds of roles and platforms. I am game for digital as well.”

Will you be ok for bold stuff? “I don’t have any issue, as long as it is logical, required by the character, and not added just for eye candy.”

In closing, Saurabh says that he does not regard anyone in the industry as his close friends. “I come here to work, and not to make buddies. Having said that, let me add that I share cordial professional relations with all concerned.”

Continue to do good work, Saurabh..

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