Chhavi Pandey talks about her new show Kaal Bhairav…

The storyline of Kaal Bhairav has intrigue factor: Chhavi Pandey

Enchanting beauty Chhavi Pandey, who is all set to charm audience with her new avatar Namrata, an educated daughter of the village zamindar (landowner) in Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya, says that the ‘intrigue’ factor will create buzz and entice viewers to watch the show.

“This show is not like a normal daily soap wherein you will switch on the TV, watch a sequence and switch it off. The mysterious and curious story will jolt the audience with its edge-of-the-seat moments. The concept of the show is very interesting and it will create an intrigue factor from the very first episode.”

Unlike other TV actresses, Chhavi will don a trendy modern look. Talking about the same, she adds, “I am getting to do something really different. Unlike my other shows, my character in this serial will sport a modern look and I really like it.”

Ask whether she is superstitious in real life and she avers, “I have never come across any superstitious things in real life so I don’t believe in such things. However, I am very religious in real life.”

On an end note, Chhavi quips, “Viewers will also see a love story between Rahul and Namrata in the show. I am very excited and hoping for a positive response.”

All the best, Chhavi.

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