Talented actor Mansi Salvi has got into the role of Nisha very well in quick time in Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa (Alchemy Films). The leap and the new story have been well-accepted by the viewers and it looks to be an interesting time ahead!!

For Mansi, this role is quite challenging and different as she has got an opportunity to play negative, in a look that she has never donned before.

Says Mansi, “This is the first time that I am not been given sarees in a show. It is a real challenge to look good and fit in the kind of attire I have been given. I can’t even think of having an extra paratha (smiles). Today’s TV era is all about looking good. TV has become as challenging as films and you cannot fool your audiences.”

Talking more about the style quotient in Woh Apnaa Sa, Mansi states, “Our stylist Mrs. Sapna Malhotra is doing a great job. The way in which the look and clothes have been designed for every character is so different from the other. Nisha’s look is what today’s woman would wear in her 40’s. Nowhere do the clothes clash, and this is the beauty of the show. And to give a show a new look in all categories after a run of one year is a very challenging job.”

Mansi further adds, “This is a show where everybody is doing their job. The style quotient coupled with the way characters have been written has to be the telling point of Woh Apna Sa. In our show, every character is important and so well-defined. Also, since there is only handful of characters, whatever scene you get is your scene. It is a very close-knit unit, and we shoot in a cinematic way. A special mention I would like to give is for our Director Rakesh Malhotra. He is a superb Captain of the ship.”

Talking about the response she has been getting as Nisha, Mansi avers, “My fellow actor (Ridhi Dogra) has done a wonderful job for a year. And it was quite a challenge to take over. A fact about me and the response I get is that my fans have never given me a negative response in my whole career. God has been kind and they have been tolerant, is what I would say.”

Wish you luck, Mansi!!