Kundali Bhagya actress Shraddha Arya stuns in all denim attire as she visits Zurich, Switzerland. The actress is giving us nothing but goals as she shared the photos, check out below

Take the winter ‘denim code’ from Shraddha Arya

Switzerland’s winter just got a whole lot hotter, thanks to none other than Shraddha Arya, who’s not just enjoying the breathtaking views of Zurich but doing it in the ultimate winter ‘denim code.’ Picture this: the gorgeous actress amidst the twinkling city lights, and trust us, she’s giving those lights a run for their money.

In a move that’s practically a fashion mic drop, Shraddha rocks a denim v-neck long-sleeved top that’s not just keeping her warm but setting the temperature soaring. But here’s the genius part – she pairs it with denim thermal bottoms, because who said winter layers can’t be chic? It’s a denim-on-denim dream that’s making us rethink our entire winter wardrobe.

Boots? Check. White beanie cap? Double-check. Vermillion red muffler as she decks it up with comes out to be the crowning piece of the attire. Shraddha Arya doesn’t just bundle up; she turns winter accessories into style statements, and that vermillion red muffler is adding the pop of colour to the hues of blue and white.

Sharing the photo she wrote – “Beautiful Weather, Beautiful City, Beautiful Sparkle ✨ 💖 #illuminarium, #Zürich … The Show Of Lights.” It’s not just a caption; it’s a mood, a vibe, a whole winter wonderland in words. Shraddha is not just witnessing the show of lights; she’s become a part of the dazzling spectacle, and we’re here for every glittering moment.

Take the winter ‘denim code’ from Shraddha Arya 873566

Take the winter ‘denim code’ from Shraddha Arya 873567

Take the winter ‘denim code’ from Shraddha Arya 873568

So, if you’re looking for winter fashion inspiration, take a leaf out of Shraddha Arya’s stylebook – because it’s not just about staying warm; it’s about doing it in denim-on-denim glory amidst the twinkling lights of Zurich. Winter just got a serious upgrade, and Shraddha Arya is leading the fashion revolution, one denim ensemble at a time.