Paridhi Sharma is a natural actor who touches upon every emotion as an artist. Her portrayal in the role of Nupur in Star Plus’ Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei has been engaging to the core. Paridhi who has gained experience in varied genres in the medium of TV plays the longing mother who carries the pain of losing her child and longs to unite with her and can go to any extent to get her back in her life.

In an exclusive chat with, Paridhi talks about her role and show.


First of all, you look gorgeous in your look of Nupur. Tell us about the secret to your beauty.

Thanks for the compliment. I always believe in inner beauty more than outer beauty. And to be beautiful from within, it’s important to value your true self and lead a natural life. Natural life includes everything from your food intake, to your thoughts and energy which you absorb and release.

How passionate are you about dancing in real life? How excited are you to do this role that involves a lot of dancing?

I am very fond of dancing. it’s liberating for me. As the show is offering me immense opportunity to dance, I feel extremely grateful and elated about it.

Tell us about the emotions that you come across playing the longing mother, Nupur?

It’s a beautiful emotion that comes from the space of truth. I say this because as a mother in real life I am aware of what all it entails to be a mother. It’s surreal and very deep.

How is it to shoot with Vaishnavi?

She has become our source of happiness in real life also. She is very loving and a very emotional bachha. And as an actor and dancer, she is fabulous. I feel so blessed that I met her and she became a part of my life.

How would you coin the concept of this show?

This show deals with one of the purest emotions i.e. Love. We love, we long, we get hurt, we feel angry, we feel alone, we feel togetherness. The beautiful story of our show keeps instigating our deepest emotion, which in a way is very liberating.

What are the kind of roles that excite you?

I love any role which gives me a huge opportunity to perform. I simply love performance-oriented roles. And that’s why I am completely loving my role as Nupur. And apart from this in future, I would also like to explore negative lead or comedy roles. I am also keen to play a biopic.

Do you feel the pain that Nupur goes through. How challenging is the role?

Yes, between action and cut I do feel it completely. I always believe in feeling rather than enacting. My laughter and crying, both are real when I portray Nupur.

How has the response of your well-wishers been for the show?

They are loving it. The audience has started identifying with the character, which is the biggest compliment.

Does an early evening slot for the show upset you?

The content of the show is very refreshing and relatable. Thankfully there is one more platform ( Disney+ Hotstar) on which the show runs and people can watch it there also.

What are your expectations from the role?

I want my full potential to be utilised in the show. This will help me as I can evolve as a person and explore my art.