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TikTok vs YouTube debate unnecessary – Aparna Dixit

Aparna Dixit, currently part of Dangal TV show Pyaar Ki Luka Chhupi, is flummoxed hearing industry mates cribbing about having too much time on hand during the lockdown.

“Here sans maid, I am neck deep occupied in daily chores such as washing, cleaning and mopping etc. My friends get upset when I don’t receive their calls, but then how can I pick up the phone with my hands immersed with soap water in the kitchen sink. On the positive side COVID- 19 has taught me how to cook. Till now, I could make Maggie or a cup of coffee. Now I can conjure up good desi grub as well. The best part is that I love to cook, which serves as a quarantine stress buster.”

She adds,”We all need to return to work as soon as possible. I know many shows are shutting down, but our show is safe for Dangal PR is in overdrive pushing the show, now set to go into season 2. After doing shows on Star Plus (Mahabharat) and Zee TV ( Pavitra Rishta) at first, I was hesitant to do a Dangal show. Still, I was presently surprised when most of the comments on TikTok videos were related to my show which suggests its popularity among youth.”

When asked about the ongoing TikTok vs YouTube debate, she calls it an unnecessary. “Every medium has a different audience profile. Even if I am a TV actor that does not mean I look down on web. All are doing well in their respective spheres and have different skill sets. “ One of the main reasons for me coming on TikTok was the need to go beyond just YouTube (which host lot of my interviews) for there is a whole world of fans on this micro-video site as well and why I should ignore them?”

In closing, Aparna regarded her entire Bepannah Pyaar (Colors) journey as superb. “At first it began as just a cameo, but later it got extended. I was shooting for it till November last. Agreed my scenes were not many, but since they focused on the love between Raghbir(Pearl V Puri) and Bani (my character) they were shot very well, leaving a deep impact on the fans.”

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