Siddharth Arora talks about his new show.

A TV actor alone can’t deliver TRPs; even Big B’s Yudh did not rate more than 0.2: Siddharth Arora

Good-looking dude, Siddharth Arora, does not regard his entry in Colors show, Laado 2, as a replacement. The earlier male lead, Shaleen Malhotra, was killed to take the story forward.

Says Suddharth, “My track is completely different, so no comparison with anyone. This is my third stint with Colors, and I am glad to be working with them again.”

Here, Siddharth adds that his entry will make the dark show a bit lighter. “Shaurya is bringing other flavours to the table. I am also having great fun with co-actor Avika Gor. She is highly talented and a good human to boot.”

“It is good to be part of a sequel. Na Aana Is Des Laado is a huge franchise; even my other show, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha 2, was one. In a way, I believe that rather than dragging stories indefinitely, we should take seasonal breaks and come back with more cohesive story lines.”

Point out that the ratings this time around are not good, and he says, “A TV actor alone can’t deliver TRPs. Even the Big B’s Yudh did not rate more than 0.2. So I’d rather focus on stuff which is in my control i.e. upping my performance graph. Hope the audiences warm up to me.”

Siddharth, who was away from action for a while says, “I always wait for meaty and diverse lead characters, as my career graph shows (Mukti Bandhan, Krishan Kanhaiya and Singhasan Battisi).”

Looking ahead, this Varanasi guy now want to be part of progressive films. “The latest release, October, has a great subject. I also hope to be a part of web series or shorts, on realistic and message-oriented subjects, which TV can’t touch, due to mass audience requirements. Sadly, as of now, web is full of sleaze and abuse.”

Best of luck, Siddharth!!

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